We have a cold weekend ahead here in the Capital Region, but we will come out on the other side with our first blast of spring-like weather.

When it comes to weather in March, here in Upstate New York we know exactly what to expect: the unexpected. It can be freezing cold and snowing, and turn to Sunny and 60 on a dime. It looks like we will hit that dime this week.

The Weather Channel says we can expect more cold weather this weekend with highs around 30 and nighttime lows in the teens, Then something magical will happen as we get into the workweek. Monday will warm a bit into the 40s, we will hit the mid 50=s on Tuesday and then the Wednesday forecast shows a glorious sight: Partly cloudy skies with a high of 62! That gets a big 'ol YES! We will stay in the 60s on Thursday, but with a few showers mixed in. Albany will then settle back down into the maddening March weather you are sick of, but at least not super cold with high temperatures in the 40s.

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Even with this blast of spring coming this week, we know what is still lurking. We usually get one last snowstorm during the month, and as we sit a week into March, we know that storm is still very likely to arrive and disrupt our parade into the first day of spring Saturday, March 20th. That said, we take all the lows during March, it will be nice to enjoy the highs later this week. Happy Spring!

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