A stretch of roadway from Albany south is among the most dangerous in the state of New York.

We all have roads in the Captial Region that we dread navigating for whatever reason. Be it the traffic, road condition, being challenging to drive, or just attracting crazy drivers! But when it comes to being the most dangerous in New York, there is one stretch of Albany road that is among the worst to drive statewide.

According to The Ahearne Law Firm, interstate 87 ranks at #2 on their most dangerous roads in the state. They specifically mention the stretch of 87 from Albany south to Ramapo as "the deadliest part of this highway." The law firm says there have been 150 traffic fatalities over the last decade on the roadway that connects New York City to Montreal. Chances are you have spent a fair amount of time driving this stretch of 87 and the winding twists and turns through the Catskills, so you can certainly see why it has landed high on this list.

No other Captial Region roads landed on the list, but the nearby Taconic Parkway landed #1 as the state's most dangerous. Niagara Falls Boulevard is #3, Hempstead Turnpike in Long Island #4, and Upper Broadway in New York City is #5.

It is interesting how once you get north of Albany, 87 is deemed less dangerous when it becomes the Northway. Which maybe makes some sense. Pre-pandemic, there was always so much congestion and stop-and-go traffic on that stretch of 87 you have to imagine that cut down on some crashes. Yes, a lot of that traffic is caused by fender benders, but most of the time it was just too many vehicles on the Northway.

You can read the Ahearne Law Firm list of the top 5 most dangerous roads in New York here.

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