Starting in early 2018, you will be able to fly direct from Albany to Buffalo for the first time in 7 years.

Traversing Upstate New York from East to West is about to get much easier. On February 1, OneJet will resume direct service between Albany and Buffalo, according to USA Today. Tickets will go on sale January 9.

Direct flights between the 2 cities have not been flown for the past 7 years. The article says the airline will also be using some decent sized regional jets for the route: the Embraer 135, which seats 30 passengers. Apparently there will be some other great perks on these flights, including ' in-flight, beer, wine and snacks...' according to USA Today.

My guess here is this will be maybe a 30 minute flight tops, right? That will shave about 3.5 hours off your drive to that Bills game or family trip to Niagara Falls. Hopefully the rates on these flights make it feasible to use the service!

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