Some items I might be able to understand how someone could throw it away without realizing how dangerous it is. We've probably all accidently thrown something with a rechargeable battery inside, an old cleaner bottle, or a picture frame that could have splintered glass without thinking. But what was found by Troy Public Works employees couldn't have been an accident - and it set their truck on fire.

While the truck was making its rounds on July 20th, the sanitation workers noticed heavy smoke pouring from the back end. First Responders were called and after the truck's garbage was unloaded into the street, the source was discovered: a container of hydrochloric acid hidden in a black garbage bag.

The acid leaked out of its improper container and started to melt the trash, setting the back of the truck on fire. This is the third incident this year involving improper disposal of household waste causing a fire. The City of Troy is once again issuing a warning.

There's no excuse for any disposal of acid like this - a chemical like that is not only dangerous not only for a landfill, but extremely hazardous to the workers. If it can open that easily in a truck, it could have just as easily opened while being handled and cause severe injury. A similar sentiment was voiced by Mayor Madden.

This creates a serious risk of bodily harm to our hard-working employees and is completely unacceptable. I urge the public to refrain from throwing away dangerous materials in their household trash and instead use authorized hazardous waste disposal programs available free to Troy residents.

For a list of Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Events in Troy, visit the City of Troy website.

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