All things being equal, this may literally be my biggest fear on the road, and it happened yesterday on the Northway!

Extreme ice or wet conditions certainly make for an unpleasant commute, but typically accidents can be avoided with a little common sense. Living in the Capital Region and dealing with slippery roads is somewhat the norm. For the most part, a majority of drivers handle it well. I adjust by driving like the oldest human being on the planet. I sit high, turn the radio off (for better concentration of course) both hands on the wheel, cruising at 25 to 30 mph tops!
When the nightmare of an occurrence happens where I get behind an 18 wheeler carrying logs, that's a whole different animal and one that I want to avoid at all costs. Sure the trees are strapped down, but all it takes is for one of those chains to bust loose and next thing you know, you have an entire forest coming at you. I can deal with lower visibility and slick conditions but one thing I know I can't survive, is a missile attack launched by the entire Adirondacks.
Thankfully no one was seriously injured, although my head hurts and my stomach is in knots just thinking about it.

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