It has been 33 years since the doors of Crossgates opened to the public, how much has changed?

While many stores have come and gone (especially in the past year), aesthetically Crossgates Mall still looks the same on the outside. The glass-encased entrances and Crossgates Signs look to be the exact same that we see now. Other than JC Penney, in the video below I see none of the same stores that existed three-plus decades ago. One, however, stood out, Merry Go Round!!

Do you have memories of this stereotypical 1980's store? Maybe because I am a sucker for many films of the era, this store seems very, very interesting. With the gigantic speakers and undersized televisions. I have a feeling this store would do well today, just saying. I would also like to ask, what the hell happened to the food court? Did the mall get lazy?! That looks insane. Along with that why did Ben and Jerry's leave?

Is it possible to start a petition to restore Crossgates to its retro beauty of the 80's? Relive the mall close to its opening date in the video below with a massive blast from the past!! Enjoy.

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