Can you believe all of this ghostly history calls the Capital Region its home?

Credit: Jess Hudson
Credit: Jess Hudson
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    Vale Cemetery - Schenectady

    Built in 1857, this old cemetery has all of the creepy things you can think of. If it's been in a Stephen King book, this place has it. Let's start simple- says that people have seen shadows hiding in trees, weird lights, and people have heard singing throughout the grounds. These things are definitely creepy, but pretty textbook. It gets better. There have actually been accounts of statues on the grounds bleeding from their eyes and heads. These same statues have even been known to cry out at night.

    Maybe just avoid this place at all costs.

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    Canfield Casino - Saratoga Springs

    Ghost Hunters came here to investigate, so you know this place has to have something going on. Shockingly enough, this spot is very popular for weddings. The Canfield Casino is, in one way, scarier than Schenectady's Vale Cemetery- people's accounts of paranormal activity here involve hostility. It's one thing to see a shadow, but definitely another to feel a shadow. Here, people have experienced hair pulling, touching, and even slapping. Another creepy thing people have witnessed are objects moving around without being touched, and seeing figures appear in photos... most commonly wedding photos.

    Want to get married here?

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    Loudon Cottage - Loudonville

    Unfortunately, the cottage is no longer open to the public. It has a pretty cool story, though. This cottage was the summer home to Clara Harris, the woman who was sitting next to Abraham Lincoln when he was shot. Following the assassination, Harris could't bring herself to throw her blood-covered dress away, (why?) so she hung it up in the cottage's closet. Exactly one year later, Harris was woken up to the figure of Abraham Lincoln sitting in a rocking chair, with his eyes set on the closet. How creepy! 18 years later, Harris' husband shot her in the same fashion Lincoln was shot that night in the theatre. We feel really bad for Clara Harris, and her Loudonville cottage is definitely haunted.

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    Capitol Building - Albany

    Albany's Capitol Building is beautiful, but that doesn't mean it's not haunted. Apparently, the building is home to at least three different entities. The first is a security guard who unfortunately died in a fire in 1911. He was a hero, too! He made sure everyone was out of the building and safe. The second ghost is of a fruit vendor who committed suicide in 1890- he jumped from the 4th floor Senate Chamber staircase. The third apparition is of an artist. It's said that he may still linger in the Capitol because he was upset that his art was totally covered up by a new ceiling. People have heard keys jingling, and door knobs turning. Others have experienced cold spots, flickering lights, and shadows. The Capitol is so old and full of history, it's easy to believe it could be haunted!

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    Sagamore Hotel - Bolton Landing

    Sagamore Hotel, located near Lake George, was built in 1883. This is another location rumored to be visited by three distinct entities. The first is a little boy. He used to catch golf balls and sell them to the pro shop on the grounds, until one day he was hit by a car while running after one. People claim to have seen him out on the golf course, even today. A couple is also seen in the old hotel, mostly in the dining room. Apparently, this couple was among the first guests to stay there in the late 19th century. It's possible they're still there- people have seen them walking down stairs and taking a seat in the reception area. The last entity of note resides in the kitchen, as well. In fact, a cook actually quit his job in response to a terrifying meeting he had with the woman. She was dressed in white, and the cook said she spoke to him. As if that isn't terrifying enough, the ghost then walked toward and then through the cook.

    We'd have quit too.

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