If you ask me, the Capital Region is in a pretty good place right now, but nostalgia is powerful and I like reminiscing. These are four things I think you should definitely remember if you were a 90s kid in the Capital Region.

1. The 1994 Crossgates Expansion. If you weren't living here at the time, a mall expansion might not seem like a big deal, but let me assure you that all of us who were here remember that it was. Back in 1994, Crossgates basically doubled its size. If you were living here at the time, you know it was a massive change and improvement. I remember going there the weekend it opened the new section and it was absolutely packed. I don't think I had ever seen that many people in one place to that point in my life. Opening that new section was an event.

2. The Catskill Game Farm. The Catskill Game Farm closed in 2006, which doesn't feel that long ago to me, but it was 13 years ago now! Pretty much everyone I've met who lived here in the 90s went at least once - it may actually have been required by law to visit as a kid. The cool thing is, apparently you can still go and explore. Definitely putting it on my to-do list.

3. The Pepsi Knickerbocker Arena. This is quintessential 90s. The arena even opened in 1990. Here's a fun fact I just found out looking up the date the arena opened - the first show ever there was Frank Sinatra on January 30, 1990. Of course, we all remember when it changed to the Pepsi Arena and we all failed to call it that for several years as we adjusted. I still occasionally call it "The Knick" by accident.

4. Clifton Country Mall. Yes, it's been a looooooong time since Clifton Country Mall was reimagined as Clifton Park Center and, as much as I like to complain, I have to concede that the whole area is much better now. Still, there is something about 90s CCM I will always remember pretty fondly. I saw so many great movies at that Hoyts cinema! CCM, like so many malls, had to adapt as time went on and it has.


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