If you're from Upstate, New York, you know what I'm talkin' about!

There are some things you can only find at home and with that comes loves and loves to hate. Here's a list of 20 things that come to mind (feel free to comment with yours!)

  1. Pizza! All. The. Pizza. - Sure, pizza is everywhere but having lived outside of the state for a brief stint, there is NOTHING like New York pizza. Which, is probably why there is a pizza shop around almost every corner.
  2. Stewart's - some love the coffee, some love the ice cream and others love the convenience of them being EVERYWHERE for just about anything you need quick.
  3. Saratoga Performing Arts Center - or as us locals know it as 'SPAC'
  4. Saratoga Lake, Lake George, ANY pool of water a boat can be in!
  5. Being grossed out by the Hudson River - yuck!
  6. Our amazing fall foliage (and of course, watching it all bloom in the spring!)
  7. Saratoga Race Track - "And they're off!"
  8. Making fun of local commercials - Part of my job is to play these so, I'll let your mind wander with which I could be talking about ;)
  9. Local Farmers Markets
  10. Six Flags Great Escape
  11. SUNY Schools - and there are plenty of 'em!
  12. Awesome malls - Crossgates, Colonie Center, Wilton, Clifton Park Center...whether you have some light shopping to do or need a whole new wardrobe you're able to find everything you need at our local malls. Not only that, but some great entertainment, too!
  13. Fair season - rides, games, fair food...it doesn't get much better.
  14. Tri-City Valley Cats - with a beautiful stadium and view wherever you're seats are, it's a great night out!
  15. Albany Devils/Adirondack Thunder - We love our sports here Upstate and whether we're North or South we have the great opportunity to watch some awesome hockey!
  16. Camping
  17. Hiking
  18. Cider Donuts from the local orchards
  19. Bon fires
  20. Drive-In Theaters - for an old school feel, we've got some good spots to enjoy the latest blockbusters!

Comment with yours that you would add below!