Albany and the Capital Region alike have so many amazing bars! Which two in the area landed on this list?

One of these I know for a fact is a huge favorite among many of my close friends. I personally have never been. This I get scolded for numerous times. City Beer Hall in Albany. One of the things I know many people love about it is the free pizza! Thrillist (who made this list) says you get a personal pan on the house with an order of a local craft brew. Is that true? From reading their description I must go. Mechanical bull!! Four 5oz beers for $8!! I personally love samples. It sounds like they deserve the distinction of being one of the best bars outside of NYC.

The other bar is 9 Maple Ave in Saratoga Springs. Thrillist says that this place of libation has the most single malt whiskeys between NYC and Montreal. They also have a variety of over 250 different martinis. They describe it as a jazz bar as well which while I may not be an avid listener, I know it is so easy to unwind to some good jazz.

What do you think? Are there better bars than those in Cap City? I personally believe there is no way Thrillist can send out reviewers to each and ever bar outside of NYC in the state. If so I would like to apply for a job. Where is better?

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