We are a nation obsessed with weight. We all want to be slim and attractive so we plan, we work on our will power , and we diet. What if that diet is successful? Is it all for the better? I guess according to a new survey commissioned by, vouchercloud.com, it may not be.

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The survey of over 2500 women found that the average successful dieter loses 1 friend for every 7 pounds she loses. That's right, dieting could cost you some friends! In the study they found that the women said they had lost their friends due to, jealousy and also often the change in lifestyle driving them apart. Wow, are these really "Friends" if they dump you out of jealousy? Maybe we just can't handle watching our friends find happiness and success.

I think it is also important to note that of these women who lost weight also found the experience to be overwhelmingly positive, 92% said that the the weight loss has a "significant impact" on their lives. the women said that they found that they are more confident, more social and have more energy.

So what do you think , you willing to lose 30 pounds if it also meant you will lose 4 friends?