We all know times are changing.  Advancements in all areas have made things in our day to day lives better.  But at the price of our job?

Yahoo! Released a list of jobs that are disappearing as technology continues to advance. Here are some of the most interesting from the list, are you safe?

Casino Gaming Cage Workers -    Casino’s today are moving away from actual CASH.  Slot machines are using paper vouchers, and table games still use chips!  To get actual cash to gamble with, there are ATM’s all over the place.  We no longer need people to “cash out” our winnings.  It just prints out on a voucher!  I do love the sound of the coins from a slot machine though!  Oh I need to go to Vegas!

Auto Insurance Claims Adjusters – Cars are being made stronger and safer today!  Therefore, eliminating the majority of dings and dents in cars that are involved in minor “fender Benders”.  Adjusters are also using more internet programs to find replacements parts and prices allowing them to spend less time focusing on one car.  With more time for one person to look at more cars, the number of adjusters being hired seems to be going down!

Floral Designers- More and more supermarkets are opening a more sophisticated floral departments with low prices.  They are pricing florists right out of the market, not to mention having the flowers right in the grocery store is more convenient.  This means less special trips for consumers to get flowers and fewer customers for the designers!

Power Plant Operators- You hear it all the time, the message is clear.  We need to be more energy efficient both in our homes and in our place of business.  This means people are actually turning lights, computers and televisions OFF!  We are replacing old bulbs with efficient bulbs that use less energy and last longer.  If there is less power used, there is less power created therefore the need for people to manage where the power comes from is going away!

There you have it…some important jobs seem to be going away.  Do you ever worry that what you do will one day be obsolete?   Are you in jeopardy? I sure hope not.