I'm extremely lucky.  After we moved to Niskayuna, we found out that WGNA's studios were going to be moved from the now defunct Latham Circle Mall to Schenectady. Technically that's our address in the Pine Bush. As I checked my trusty GPS, I found out the commute was a big 8 miles.  Not so much with these people

According to  the Atlantic.com there seems to be a trend in 'Merica.  It's the "outrageously long commute".

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Want an example?  This guy, David Neeleman used to work for JetBlue Airways.  He left his job to start a new airline... in Brazil.  Slight problem though.  He lives in Connectict.  Say WHAT? So why didn't he pick up and move?  He's the CEO, for God sakes.  Well, his wife wasn't too cool about it, and neither were his 10 kids.  So he gets in a plane every Sunday nite and takes a little redeye -a 10 hour one every week!  He flies back every Thursday! I'm not kidding.  Can you just imagine his body clock?  Now as I look it up,  it's really only 1 time zone different so I guess it wouldn't screw up you body clock too badly, but still -can you imagine doing this every week?

And that's just one crazy person's life.

How much money would you have to make to live that kind of life?  Sorry - give me my cup of coffee in the cup holder with my 8 mile drive and I'm happy.  I could NEVER...