This cracked me up, because it is SO true!  Well, maybe not if you are a younger parent, but as a father in his latter 40's (very latter--I'm 57), you show your "uncoolness" very quickly when you send text messages.  And I'm bad, but not THIS bad:

When you text the following:  "Sorry I'm late, but my phone didn't wiggle", that's a sign that you have NOT gotten the lingo down!!!

Or how bout this one:  "Twitter?  Never heard of it.  Is that like Quiddich?"

These all come from a fabulously funny website called "When Parents Text"

Here's one more for you from When Parents

mom: come hang out with me.
me: im folding clothes right now
mom: ok. you can put folded towels around my casket

Wow--that didn't give away that she was a mother.... Not at all!!! So check out this, parents (assuming your good with getting on the internets).  You will L.O.L /O.M.G!! (is that correct?  Do you have to put periods in between the letters? Trying not to give away that I'm an older parent, but I guess in this case I'm S.O.L.!!!   (you don't have to be a texter to know what THAT means!!) E.O.D.B.   (End Of Dumb Blog)

im folding clothes right now