As we get ready to welcome Granger Smith to Upstate Concert Hall this Friday night ,(click the link to get your tickets)  it occurs to me that many people may not know exactly who he is and why he has become so damned popular. Well I am here to clear that up a bit for you.

First of all you should know that Country singer Granger Smith and YouTube superstar Earl Dibbles Jr. are one and the same. Granger's alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. is a very funny and entertaining super redneck. He seems to be a parody of what people who really don't know think a southern farm boy is. Granger is a young man who graduated from Texas A&M and is currenty signed to Nashville's Broken Bow Records.

Let's save the best for last and start with Granger's current release, it's called "Backroad Song" and as the title suggests its an anthem to "cruisin'"

Good stuff right? You bet but here is where it gets a little crazy. Earl Dibbles Jr. who will also be at the Upstate Concert Hall this Friday night is a whole different story. I guess this video "Earl's" first big hit which has been veiwed almost 11 million times on YouTube is called simply, "The Country Boy Song"

The best part is there is plenty of both Granger and Earl for you to check out on Granger's YouTube page including plenty of Earl making college football picks and teaching us how to dip.

I think it will be a wild time Friday night and I hope to see you there.....YEE YEE!