This was a return appearance for me.  I think I've been to the Yates Elementary School in Schenectady for the past 5 years straight.  I hope I'm invited for 5 more.

Direct link to the song.  (photo and explanation to follow)

Lyrics to "Responsible Rap"

©2014 Yates Elementary and Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

Do you know the responsible thing to do?

Stay in line and listen to your teacher too,

If you see a bully and you want to be cool,

Tell someone at home and at the school

Be responsible, be responsible

Be a buddy, not a bully, that's what you do,

Everybody knows that 's not cool

Speaking up that's what you do

Be responsible, be responsible..

yates elementary school

You want to see a committed educator  in action?  Mosey on over to Stacia Toher's classroom sometime and observe for a little bit.   You'll never utter a negative comment about teachers again!

Of course, you can't have good instructors without great administrators to back them.  Principal Rob Flanders alway's joins us and helps create whatever song we struggle to come up with, and I'm impressed with that as well.

The kids picked the subject, so they went with "Being Responsible", with emphasis on preventing bullying.   Great job, don't you think?  Please tell friends and family to click on this and help spread their message!

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