A fantastic time was had by all – especially me – with Mrs. Roarkes fifth graders at the Yates Elementary School in Schenectady.  They were more than kind – which coincidently was the subject of today's song for the Reading, Writing and Rhyming program.

This class was the first for this school year and I was especially excited to start it off with Yates Elementary. This is a school I've been working with for the past several years with Mrs Toher's classes and have enjoyed it immensely, but I had to give equal time to my friend, Rachael Roarke (a friend and fellow bowler)

This song includes the story line from a book the kids are reading called "Wonder" by R.J Palacio.  It concerns a child who has had multiple surgeries and has to face going to school for the first time and the prospect of taunting by other kids.

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Well, Mrs Roarke's group thought that kindness was much more important than bullying, and decided to write a song about it.


photo by Richie Phillips
   Great song, kids!  (Class photos to come)
   There are many, many more songs to listen to on our website from past schools, if you'd like to listen.    Reading, Writing and Rhyming is starting its 18th year!