I hope you had a good weekend!  No, like a really, really good weekend!  Here's why...

According to a new study, women who have more sex have better memories!  So, by doing it more often, you could really improve your whole life!

I mean our actual memory improves if we do it more!

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal found that when women got-it-on a lot, there was growth in the hippocampus area of their brains.  That's the part that controls emotions and memory.

If you care to know why, they think it's because sex puts the brain at ease, so it fights off conditions like depression and stress that have a negative impact on memory.

This particular study didn't cover the men, but the scientists think sex should have the same positive memory effects for guys as well!

So, get busy tonight for memories of a better tomorrow... or something like that!  Bottom line... Just do it!