A 24 year old woman from Saratoga Springs has been arrested for driving while intoxicated this weekend.

This is the second story that I have heard this weekend pertaining to drinking and driving. I am sure there are more, but thankfully, no one was injured – that we know of – in this story, but it could have been worse.


New York State Troopers arrested Amanda Cotter Saturday morning. Cotter, who again is only 24 years old, was found on the side of the Northway near Wilton asleep at the wheel of her car which was partially parked in a travel lane. The front of Cotters vehicle had front end damage she could not account for.  I am just glad no one hit her car as it was parked on the side of the road!

After a breathalyzer test, State Police said Cotter had a blood alcohol content of .15 which is almost twice the legal limit.

Please please please do not drink and drive!