It won't be much, but it looks like we will get our first taste of winter tomorrow in the Capital Region.

According to the National Weather Service, we have a chance of snow tomorrow morning before 11am. Which means you could see a little on your way to work depending on when you travel. The precipitation will change to all rain around Noon. We will probably see around a half inch.

So I guess it is good new bad news. Good that the snow will be minimal, bad that we are seeing snow before Halloween, right? Who wants snow mixing with those leaves still sitting on the ground. Just when they dried out from last weekend's rain, we get this.

But, it could be worse. Do you remember back in 2011 when we got 2 little storms before Halloween?  We got about an inch and a half October 27 of that year and 3 inches October 28, according to The record snowfall for October in Albany was 6.5 inches on October 4, 1987. Yeah, we'll take a half inch tomorrow and not complain! ;)