You betcha!  Well let's put it this way.  If you read this new study, you might become a believer (or not)

According to the Times there's been a new study conducted by the  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology .  This was the part of the study that particularly hit me hard.  Basically they are saying that the beastly hot days that normally occurred only once every 30 years before the Industrial Revolution are now happening every 6 or 7 years.  Why?  Human emissions, people!

getty images

I can hear you non-believers yelling at the screen as we speak.  I guess we can argue this until the cows come home, and there will always be some who get as hot under the collar as the sun through the ozone layer.

Ok, I'm done.  Your turn.  Do you believe it?  Maybe we should wait til this summer and then when we are all gasping for air perhaps they'll be no more arguing over this.