OK - I'm guilty of being Mr. Obvious I guess, but I was just thinking about this yesterday, and I wanted to share my obviousness (?) with you.  It's the old quality vs convenience argument

So I plug my mp3 player into my home stereo system and I start listening.  And it actually sounded thin and computerish.  But it had all of my favorite songs on it, so I said to myself , "WHO CARES?`" -it's so much easier than looking thru a pile of cds or albums - although Lou Roberts wouldn't agree. 

Then my wife came home late for work.  I could have warmed up the oven and put the fish in.  I could have fired up the "barbie" and put some potatoes on for that nice grilled taste.  Naaaaaah.  I just microwaved everything and was eating in 10 minutes.  Tasted like hospital food, but WHO CARES? - it was quick!   Quick, easy, done - WINNING!

I have a really nice camera with interchangeable lenses.  Not like the guy's above, but big anyway.  Dying to go out and grab some shots, but we also had all this other stuff to carry with us for the family outing.  Screw it - my Iphone's good enough, and I can email it right there .  Size DOESN'T matter!

See what I mean?  Have we become lazy because technology is so good that we CAN be?  Have all these new gizmos made us lower our quality standards?    Any thoughts?  (By the way, I found 6 misspelled words in today's blog - I didn't go to the dictionary, BTW - I used the convenient spellchecker - GUILTY AGAIN!