I didn't think about this until for a while, until a few friends recently mentioned to me  about how they would rather buy a new CD instead of downloading an mp3.

One of the main reasons was because of the liner notes. It was something that I almost forgot about. They also used to include the notes in the old vinyl records, too. There was always something about having the actually in your hands, complete with the smell of a new cd or record, just after you opened it.

Sometimes they would put really great artwork or pictures of the artists on the cover, and then the liner notes. Most of the time, you could learn all kinds of stuff about the artist or songs. Sometimes they would print the lyrics to the songs, too. You don’t get those with a download. Richie Phillips even mentioned it in one of his earlier blogs.

I know – you can get a ton of information online, even liner notes, but there’s just something about reading it right off the album cover, or a sheet that was included with the cd or record. Those things had character.

Have you ever collected CDs, records or both?