There is something about this photograph that may be like no other that you've ever seen.  Can you pick it out?  (You won't believe the answer!!!) 

Ok- I hope you're sitting down.  The answer is ….IT'S NOT A PHOTO AT ALL.  IT'S A HAND DRAWN PORTRAIT DONE IN PENCIL!!!  The artist is a teenager who entered this in the Texaco Children’s Art Competition.  Her name is Shania McDonagh.  You can see the whole drawing on

drawing by Shania McDonagh via

Colossal doesn't even describe it!  Shania is from Ireland, and this is an art contest held every year there.

She could be easily crowned the next great artist of her generation.   The detail is absolutely astounding!  Congrats to Shania!  (I wonder how long it took to throw that little baby together ?