10 Office Holiday Party Don’ts

This is a list of things that over the years I’ve learned will not end well for you. As a matter of fact this is the first time in years we are even having the party. I’m not saying these following actions caused the “break” but I can see where it’s possible.

1)   Playing “who farted” in the limo ride to the party will not make you any friends and may get you left out of the ride home

2)   No matter how fat and jolly you are you should not ask the women sit on your lap to make the naughty list

3)   Pants are NOT optional

4)   Challenging everyone that doesn’t celebrate Christmas to a shirts and skins street fight for holiday supremacy is grounds for termination

5)   Doing a sexy rendition of Santa Baby is only ok if you’re the office hot chick.

6)   Pulling the “look over there” stealing prime rib from the person next to you could get you a fork in the hand.

7)   Telling everyone their present is their severance is just mean

8)   Challenging the General Manager to a beer shot gunning contest…and winning

9)   The dessert table is not your cue to start a Animal House style food fight

10)                      Under no circumstances should the words “We’re going streaking” enter your mind or leave your mouth

I added this youtube video of to illustrate how not to start your night.