So here we are, the volunteers and significant others from the Corinth Fire Department, having a good time and dancing away, when look who comes through the door?

Photo by Richie Phillips


Yes, the folks from the Four Winds Hospital in Saratoga came barging in and started to dance to a country song I was playing (I DJ'ed the event, by the way) .  We all thought it was hysterical and I gathered everyone for this photo.  Hell- the more the merrier, I say!

Please take note. These people actually do have pupils. Their eyes do not actually look this way in real life. You can blame it on my iPhone.

If anyone would like to download this picture and fill in the eyeballs using Photoshop, be my guest. I don't have that skill nor do I have the patience.

But thanks to everyone at the Corinth Fire Department  and our new found friends at the Four Winds for a great time!

Oh, by the way, this isn't the only party I'm involved with.  Kevin Richards and I are inviting all of these folks and all of YOU to a great New Year's Eve event.  Hope to see you there, hospital worker, volunteer fireman or not!