Elf on the Shelf is becoming a new and lasting tradition for many families every Christmas.

It crazy! Santa’s Elf finds a place to hide in your house, observes the kids and each night, uses his magical powers to go back to the North Pole and Report back to Santa! THIS is how Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice! The Elf comes back and finds a different place to hide allowing the kids the excitement to wake up and look for him each morning! They are not however, allowed to touch him or he loses his powers!!

So, I started wondering, where are some of the places YOUR elf has turned up? I know the Elf can be crazy sometimes! I read on line some crazy ideas for the Elf.

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Put Gold Fish in the toilet then rest the Elf on the back with a candy cane fishing pole and some string!

One Elf found a family picture, drew crazy faces on it with an erasable marker, then rested on the frame with the marker in hand. He’s a funny Elf on the Shelf!

One other idea was having an Elf tea party with other stuffed animals!

So, what are some of your Elf traditions or if you have ides to share on where the Elf should go, post them here!
Remember, Santa is always watching!