Today on the "Sean and Richie Show" we talked a lot about celebrations and greeting cards. It seems there are just so many reasons to celebrate these days if you add up all the birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and holidays it seems impossible to have time to get the lawn mowed. So I was thinking , what if we could only have 5 Holidays? Which 5 would you pick?

Now before you rifle off the 5 biggest like Christmas, Thanksgiving and the like think about it. What about July 4th? What about Memorial Day? Mother's Day? There are quite a few holidays that we may in fact sometimes take for granted. And you may want to spread them out so we don't have to wait too long without having one.

For the purpose of the poll I put in all the actual "Federal" holidays and some of the bigger "Hallmark" holidays, the trick of it is, you can only pick 5. Think about it and let me know which ones you would keep.