In your career, there are a few things you strive for.  For me, it’s to entertain my listeners, make them laugh, think and bring attention to the important things going on around us. We do community fundraisers, concerts and contests…all of which bring happiness to the listeners. All of these things make my job worth doing, a pleasure even!

But last week, I think I reached a career highlight.

Each year, WGNA holds a St. Jude Radiothon. For 2 days, we interview families of St. Jude’s Hospital. We listen to their stories of courage, their stories of loss and their stories of hope. We ask you our listeners to reach into your pockets and support one of the greatest organizations I can think of. And you do!

These 2 day are hard. Hard to ask people to part with money. Hard to listen to these stories, yet so inspirational to hear these kids talk about getting better, about helping others. I was privileged to tour the hospital a couple of years ago.  What a life changing experience. Despite what is going on, St. Jude’s makes everyone feel hope, a happiness and a sense of relief that parents can be with their kids and not worry about paying for food or a place to stay. I met so many brave kids there that truly changed my life. THAT is why we do this and why you part with your money to donate.

Last week, we here at WGNA were honored for the fundraising we do for St. Jude’s Hospital.  When we were introduced, Paul told us that since starting the Radiothon, WGNA and our listeners have raised $1.2 million dollars for St. Jude’s Hospital!  WOW! What amazing listeners we have!

As I accepted this award on behalf of the radio station and I wanted to share this with you, because it’s award for ALL of us. We all work hard for these 2 days each year and we do it for the kids!

So, as St. Jude thanks us for hosting the radiothon, I thank you, the loyal caring giving listeners you are!  It’s a job well done for the kids!