After 38 years in Albany radio, our fearless leader Bob Ausfeld is retiring. It’s hard to find anyone at any radio station in Albany who hasn’t worked for Bob at one point or another and it’s also impossible to find anyone who dislikes Bob. We here at WGNA and our sister stations are going to miss him considerably but we are also thankful for our time with Bob. You don’t often hear about the person behind the scenes but we wanted to make sure we sent out a big THANK YOU to Bob for all that he’s done for many of us here over the years. I personally have only worked with Bob since November but in my short time here he’s proven to be a great leader and an excellent boss. On behalf of our entire staff we all thank you Bob for your dedication to us and for giving us all the chance to work for you.

Bob has been in charge of many stations in our area - starting out at the old 1540 WPTR when he was in his 20s and rapidly rising to be the man responsible for the day to day operations of WGNA-FM. Bob worked for 11 different owners without ever changing offices. Bob is known as “king” by many in the local radio industry - his legacy and success earned him that title and to us he always will be “king.”

We wish Bob well in his retirement and we’re going to miss him - but our loss is a gain for his grandchildren - he plans to spend plenty of time with the three of them.

WGNA is also proud to welcome Dan Austin back to the Albany area as he takes the reigns from Bob and starts a new chapter in the history of WGNA and Townsquare Media of Albany.