So it’s time for Countryfest and you’re wondering about all sorts of things. Fear not - we have you covered. Casey has been doing some articles on what to wear and our events page has all sorts of rules and regulations. In addition to that what else do you have to know? We present to you our WGNA Countryfest Survival Guide.First off it’s going to be hot - we can thank WTEN News Ten meteorologist Steve Caporizzo for a great forecast!Keeping that in mind it’s really important to stay hydrated and we have plenty of vendors selling water.

Even though the gates are opening up later than past years you’ll likely be there early, as many of you do. Grab a snack on your way and maybe a coffee or something - it’ll be 11A before the gates open and you’ll definitely be hungry by then but a cup of joe will hold you over. Also you can’t be brining your own alcoholic beverages as New York state frowns upon pre-partying in the parking areas - as do we.

There are a ton of people at Countryfest so please behave! Your girlfriend is wearing a bikini and some guy is looking at her - well, what do you expect? Don’t haul off and punch him! Come on now - use some common sense. Be polite too - big crowds always make for moments of rudeness, no matter what crowd it is. So just do your best to say “excuse me”, “sorry”, “please”, and “thank you.”.

SUNSCREEN! You’re in the sun all day - and skin cancer is no fun. Neither is a burn for that matter; plus if you have any tattoos you can’t keep them nice and colored in if you get sun all over them. Especially make sure to have your kids covered in sunscreen . Wear a hat too - that’ll help keep you cool.

Shoes - wear them. Open toed shoes or flip flops in a crowd of 30,000 people? Are you kidding? Great way to blacken all of your toenails - unless you enjoy that look.

Here are some more things to know:

▪   Parking gates for WGNA Countryfest 2011 will open at 7:30am. Infield gates open at 11am and the show starts at 1pm.

▪   There will be no alcohol allowed in the parking lots of The Altamont Fairgrounds.  If you are found to be in violation you will be asked to dispose of the alcohol and/or leave the premises.

▪   Grills and/or open fires are not allowed in the parking lots at Countryfest.

▪   Feel free to gather in the parking lots prior to the show with friends and family.  Once the show starts at 1pm, we ask that you make your way into Countryfest 2011.

▪   Animals are not allowed at Countryfest (except Service Animals).

▪   Lawn chairs and blankets are allowed. NO TENTS ALLOWED.

▪   You can bring a personal umbrella in with you, but no big beach or patio type umbrellas are allowed.

▪   Shirts and shoes are required at all times.

▪   You will NOT be allowed to bring in food, bottles, cans or coolers into the concert.  Plenty of concessions will be available inside the show at the Food Court.

▪   Seating is general admission festival seating; first come, first served. Plan to arrive early since traffic is always heavy. There is plenty of FREE parking available in the Altamont Fairgrounds parking lots.

▪   Once inside the gates, there is NO RE-ENTRY ALLOWED.  When you leave your vehicle please make sure that you have everything that you will need for the day.

▪   There are two (2) ATMs located inside The Altamont Fairgrounds.

Countryfest 2011 is held rain or shine.  No refunds or exchanges will be granted

We borrowed a few suggestions from Matt, a WGNA fan who put together his own list of rules and suggestions.

We'll see you Saturday! Looking forward to it!