Say what?  You heard what I said! I thought this was a joke myself when I heard about it. Introducing TV Hat.  Let me say that again.  TV Hat.  Why try to watch a video or tv show or movie on your smartphone and have to deal with all that glare!  You see, all you have to do it take it and stick it in your hat. (sorry to be so blunt).    It's a specially constructed hat, mind you.  You can't use your own Yankees or Eagles hat (sorry, morning show brethren.)That looks totally ridiculous, but MAN is it handy.   Here's an actual commercial for it:

Now do you believe me?   Can you imagine sitting in a plane, train, or automobile with that absurd looking thing on you.  You look like you have a hazmat suit on.   But I just wante to let you know that these things are out there for the taking.  Or in my case, the LEAVING!