Are you perfect on the date, but maybe have a little bit of trouble getting the fish to bite?Then this study is for you!

A new study analyzed dating profiles and found the most common things people put in their profiles. In theory, if you put these things in your profile, it should make you compatible with way more people!  Orrrrrrr, it might make you look super boring!  But it's worth a shot!

1.  Favorite type of restaurant:  Italian.

2.  Favorite social activity:  Going out with friends.

3.  Favorite type of TV shows and movies:  Comedies.

4.  Favorite pet:  Dog.

5.  Favorite type of music:  Rock and pop. (Awwwwww, damn...)

6.  Favorite type of book:  Autobiographies.

7.  Style of humor:  Dry.

How does your profile match up?  Maybe you're answers to these common inquiries could be the problem!

Photo Illustration by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images