There's a personal finance blogger out there who is really making some waves.   He's EXTREMELY frugal, but he says we all are just throwing money down the drain when we could be rich a lot sooner than we think.    He's Mr. Money Mustache

He's from Canada.  His real name is Pete but goes by Mr. Money Mustache.  I found this on  Just to tell you what you're in for if you follow his teachings, I'll give you just a couple of his tips on how to get rich.

1.  Ride a bike instead of taking a car

2. Take on roommates.

Well, he and his family seem to be doing it, and he's poised to retire in his  30's (I guess in my case the boat left that pier a LONG time ago, but maybe YOU can get something out of this.  Check out this video

After reading that article and watching the video, do you think you could live like that?  Me neither!  But maybe we can glean SOME of what he said and try to save more than we do.

You have to give Mr. Money Mustache a lot of credit (and I dig the nickname!) .  You can check out his website here if you desire to become a Mustachian!