This looks like a great event, and definitely a first for me in all my years of doing keyboard gigs.  Noone will ever guess where I am going tinkling the (fake) ivories.. Go ahead- I dare you.

The Victorian Stroll in Troy is actually the biggest free holiday festival in the entire Northeast.  Did you know that?  Did you also know that it will feature over 100 live performances on December 6th?  And another piece of trivia.  It's also the 33rd time they have done this event, so it's a Capital Region tradition fer sure!

from Victorian Stroll website

While you are there enjoying the event and checking out the entertainment (hint hint) , you can shop in historic downtown Troy .  Yes, life does exist outside of the mall.  There's also dozens of cafes and restaurants to choose from too while you are down there

You might even run into "Sax O Claus" - the saxophone playing Santa.

And if you happen to mosey on down past a certain hardware store there, that's where I'll be.  Not kidding.  My career has hit a new milestone.

I'll be playing from 1-3PM.  My good friend Mark Pierre from Big Sky Country asked me to join.  Somehow he got involved in this aforementioned hardware store gig, but now has a scheduling conflict, so I'm going solo.

Come on over and say hello.  I'll be in the nut section, cuz I've always had a screw loose.

For more information, you can go to  (This is being hosted by the Rennselaer Chamber Of Commerce, by the way -great community event)