I always look forward to Valentine cards each year.

The ones I love the most are from my daughters who are 6 and 8.

Why? Well, they make them with their little hands, crayons, sprinkles, glue, and yarn and they are so happy to make them for me each year.

When your daughters come running to you with smiles from ear to ear screaming, "Daddy, look what we made for you" it is going to be a great day.

This year I am a giant stick figure with dark hair, and red shoes with a big smile standing and holding stick figure hands with my 2 girls, one on each side of me.

They are smiling too and have hearts on their shirts.

This year I was very happy to see that Milo my 3 legged Akita made the picture as he is always there for them too when I am away and working hard for the money.

If that card is the only one I get every year for Valentines Day, it is all I really need.

Thanks girls. Daddy loves you.

Happy Valentines Day.