A fire district in Poughkeepsie was ordered to take flags off of trucks for operational reasons.

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, three Arlington Fire Districts in Poughkeepsie were ordered to remove the American flags that were being displayed on their trucks. The article says the decision came down from the Board of Fire Commissioners because they felt the flags could interfere with operations and could be a 'liability for motorists.' Some members on the board did feel the flags were ok if they did not interfere with anything.

As you can imagine, this decision has caused some serious online debate. Some feel the decision is unpatriotic, some feel this is the right call for safety on the roadways, others feel this was the right thing to do because flags weren't being flown correctly in the first place.

I say, find a common sense compromise that takes safety into consideration, while allowing the fire fighters the ability to show their love of country, right? And I honestly think this was a decision based on safety, because don't most public service vehicles have the flag painted on them somewhere?

What do you think?