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American Flags Found In East Geenbush Dumpster
Two local women received word that an American flag had been disrespectfully tossed into a dumpster at local gas station and decided to investigate it themselves.  What they found was not one, but three flags in the trash.   The question now; who put them there?
Kid Acknowledges Importance of Pledge of Allegiance [VIDEO]
I went to a Catholic school so we started every morning with a prayer and then pledge over the loudspeaker. Even though some schools are deciding to not do the pledge anymore, it's good to see that even children understand the importance and what it means.
Lil Wayne Steps On American Flag [VIDEO]
I'm not quite sure what to make of this. Rapper Lil Wayne was performing with a giant American flag behind him, and when it was released to the ground, he stepped all over it. Really? Check out this video.

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