It happens  every year, I'll bet you it goes unnoticed most of the time.  I can hear you all right now.   "It's not going to happen to me". Well, you never know, so we're trying to raise awareness

Fire Prevention Week is October 5th-11th.  There's a website called The Family Handyman  that sent me an email alerting everyone to this very important week.

In the email, they mention some very important tips.  I'm sure they won't mind me repeating them here.

  • Cooking Fires:   If something is cooking on the stove, never leave it alone. One of the most common cause of fires 
  • Portable Heaters:    If you insist on having one inside, make sure there are no bedding articles or anything combustible nearby (duhhh - but worth mentioning)
  • Electrical Equipment:   If you have shoddy wires, power strips overloaded with things plugged into it and the like, you could be headed for trouble
  • Appliances:   if you have a water heater, keep everything combustible away from that as well. I think I've been guilty of that myself
  • Smoking:     It goes without saying that you shouldn't smoke in bed. In fact while you're at it, quit smoking completely!
  • Candles:    If you have a candle burning, make sure it's in a tip proof container 
  • Children playing with fire:   Nuff said

        And here's a video clip I found on YouTube as well.

Tips definitely worth mentioning, and definitely worth heeding.  Let's keep our families safe!