The farewell tributes to Jeff Gordon continued at the All Star Race this past weekend.

For Driver Introductions this week, Gordon was moved out of order to be introduced last! Upon his introduction, he walked out to fans holding #24 signs as a tribute to his last All Star race!  Gordon said it was amazing to see all the fans out there with the signs.  But that wasn't the only surprise.

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When we walked out, he not only had his wife and kids with him, but his parents were there to surprise him!  How cool is that!  He later said he truly enjoyed that moment, as he has never had his parents with him during driver introductions throughout his career!  What a great moment!

As the surprises keep coming for Jeff Gordon, it's fun to watch as a fan.  His career has been just as fun to watch so each tribute is well deserved.  And he kinda brought us Jimmie Johnson, so I really thank him for that!

I can't wait to see what the next track has in store for Gordon!  Well done Charlotte Motor Speedway.