These are the typical reasons why people don't reach into their wallets and give to the most important research hospital ever to grace this planet (with my sarcastic comments in parentheses

1. Sometimes I don't have the extra $20 a month to become a Partner In Hope

(Let's see -the last cup of coffee you bought cost how much?  Multiply that by 30 days. Nuff said)

2. St Jude isn't even in this area.  Why give money to some place in Memphis?


Google Earth

(Don't be ridiculous.  The next time someone  receives a treatment for cancer or other serious illness- where do you think the research came from? Almost guaranteed that it came from St Jude

3. The work they do is only for children.  We don't have any children, so it doesn't apply.

( Wrong.  Research at this hospital can affect people regardless of age, race, religion - whatever.)

4. I keep giving to these charities, but I don't think it's having an effect

(Double wrong!  Survival rates from cancer used to be 20% in the early 60's.  It's now 80% today and we're aiming for 90% in the next decade)

5. I can't remember the phone number.

(OK - then here it is- 1-800-372-4999)   Want it again?






The website to donate, by the way is right here