Do you know who the youngest billionaires in the world are?  You can probably guess that Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook is on the list – in the number one spot – but out of the top 5 youngest billionaires in the world? Four of the top 5 are associated with Facebook or Zuckerberg in some way!

Mark Zuckerberg – age 28.  Mark was said to have launched Facebook from his dorm room during college, and he is still worth an estimated $15 billion, even after a disappointing IPO.

Scott Duncan – in his late 20’s.  Scott inherited money from his father who was the founder of an energy pipeline company.  His estimated worth is $4 billion, but he seems to keep a very limited presence online.

Dustin Moskovitz – age 28.  Worked on Facebook in the early days but is currently pursuing a new start up and is heavily involved in charitable work.  He is estimated to have a net worth around $3.5 billion

Sean Parker – age 32.  He was the first president of Facebook, was said to have convinced Zuckerberg to drop “The” from the original “The Facebook” name -  and he is the co-founder of Napster and an early investor in Spotify. He is worth an estimated $2 billion.

Eduardo Saverin – age 30.  He was the co-founder of Facebook and had to sue to keep the title and a settlement.  This was the story behind the movie The Social Network.  Eduardo is worth an estimated $2 billion.