This could be a revolution for Facebook.  They have a billion person database right now.  Might as well use it, right?  Well, here's how they are doing it 

Who am I kidding?  Don't ask ME to really explain how they do what they do.  All I know is that you better watch what YOU do and what you put up on Facebook, because it looks to me like everything on there will be searchable eventually - your status updates, posts, pictures, friends' likes, etc etc.


 Facebook graphical search has some powerful implications as far as I can see.  You can read more about it at , but here's the way I understand it.

1. On Google, you can search and find out best local restaurants.  You can now search Facebook and find out what your friend, "Joe's" favorite restaurant is.

2. You can search "Sue's" photo library for any shots of her, and it will come up as a gallery.

It could be good and make things more efficient, but I could see a potential employer finding out a hell of alot more about you than before, for example.  I guess it really depends on who uses it and for what.  The big question is - will you be more careful now when you put things on the site, or do you trust it?  Would love to know.