After playing what I think is the saddest Christmas song ever on the show today, I started thinking about all the sad country songs that have made their way into our lives over the years.

At first you think, "Why?" Why do we even have sad songs on what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year? Well, I guess that's just it. Not everyone is happy or in the best place in their life. I think these sadder songs help us to realize that we are not alone and that while things may seem bad right now they can and will get better.

So I started perusing and came up with my list of the top-5 saddest Christmas songs played on country radio stations. I know there are so many that I left off and of course everyone has their own list for their own reasons. The songs I picked are sad because of the lyrics, the way they are sung by the artists or overall feeling you get while listening.

I hope you enjoy the list and if you think of others, please share them with me and more than anything, even if you too are having a hard time this Christmas remember, you are NEVER alone. We have all had a truly bad Christmas or two and I promise it will get better.

5. Grown Up Christmas List - Kelly Clarkson

4. Lonely Christmas Call - George Jones

3. Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley and Martina McBride

2. Where Are You Christmas - Faith Hill

And by far this is just the saddest Christmas song I have ever heard. Get your tissues and enjoy.

1. The Christmas Shoes - New Song