Tomorrow I will be at Colonie Center from 11am to 1pm. As you may or may not know, I don't usually got out to many events on the weekend but this is one I could not pass up. As a pet lover and someone who knows first hand what joy a animal best friend can bring, I want to help some amazing pets find their forever home. Maybe if you meet that "someone" special it could be your home.

As part of the ASPCA's mega match-a-thon, The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and Animal Protective Foundation are hosting, "Fetch A Friend" at Colonie Center tomorrow from 11am to 3pm. I would love to see you there.

You may remember that it was an event like this that I fell for a special little Lab named Samson last year. In fact I wrote about it, if you didn't see it you may enjoy reading, "I found love on line". I just know that if you got to meet some of these great animals , you would fall in love too.


Now I don't know which animals will actually be there tomorrow but I thought i would search the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Website and bring you my possible TOP 5 Reasons to join me tomorrow at "Fetch A Friend".


5. Woody

4. Avril











2. Telly








1. Ellie

Mohawk Hudson Humane Society









Look at those faces, so sweet , so innocent. I'm not saying you will definitively fall in love with one of the pets you'll see but if you have a heart at all, would it be so bad to come say "Hi" to them and maybe just maybe you get a new best friend. I'll see you tomorrow at Colonie Center!

God Bless