Some people might be embarrassed to admit it but yes, I did find a match on line.  Hey, life today is busy and you don't always have time to just wait for fate to shine down upon you. Maybe you just are not willing to take a chance that it will.  Either way there I was looking at a web site with plenty of potential mates for me. And lets be honest, maybe looking at a picture and a brief description isn't really the best way to choose love, but I felt it was a good start.

That is when I saw you.  Your picture made me want to know a little more. I still remember looking at those eyes and I felt you were looking straight back at me through my computer screen.  I know it sounds silly but I was definetely interesting in knowing more.  I don't remember much about your "description" but I do know that I liked that you were young, outgoing and loved to kiss.  Then when I saw that you really did want to meet me in person, I have to admit I got a little excited. I almost didn't show up but I'm so glad I did.

I remember walking in the door, I saw you immediately.  Our eyes met and it was over for me.  I tried to play it cool. I pretended to look around maybe peruse the place for others that I thought might be interesting but you knew.  I saw it in your eyes.  It was love at first sight for both of us. And while I know for a fact neither of us expected to go home together the same day we met, it happened. And I couldn't be happpier. And even now after only one day living with you, I know thought it seems silly to say this early, I love you Sammy.

That's my story folks.  And it could be yours as well.  I found Samson through "Forever Home Dog Rescue of the Capital District"  They are great people.  I saw him at, You can also find them on Facebook.  I can also say, they had some other very adorable dogs that need good homes. You may want to check it out.

I am sure I will be keeping you all informed about my adventures with our new best friend Samson. He already seems to be quite the clown.

God Bless.