I joked around a bit with the title to this blog but the truth is , there are some ways that people actually die on Thanksgiving and all of them are totally avoidable. While I am quite confident we will all not only be fine and happy for this wonderful family holiday, it couldn't hurt to at least take a look at the biggest dangers.

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For instance, stay off the roads! Sadly this weekend is huge for accidents. 45,000 people will be injured and 400 will die from accidents on the road this weekend and yes alcohol will play a part in over 40%of those.

Also , while we are talking about drinking here is a fun fact, digesting a huge meal is taxing on the heart, drinking also puts a strain on your heart. Add to that that men are 15% and women are 27% more likely to have a heart attack while watching their football team lose and that is a dangerous combination.

Do NOT  leave your leftovers out for more than 2 hours! Turkey and chicken cause more food poisoning than any other meat so make sure you cook your turkey to at least 165 degrees and get the leftovers in the fridge as soon as you can after dinner.

Deep frying the turkey, I LOVE deep fried turkey and I would never tell anyone not to do it but you DO have to be careful. Deep frying the turkey cause over 900 house fires a year and 5 deaths.

Ok, so you and your loved ones are all good you got the tips, but there are still some important loved ones to watch over at Thanksgiving,your pets! Do NOT give your dog turkey bones! they splinter and can choke them, also do not feed them, onions, leaks, garlic, raisins, or chocolate.

There are my 5 tips for a safe holiday, now go have a great time and don't forget to take some time to look around and find as many things in your world that you can truly be thankful for, we all have blessings.