I saw a headline this morning, “Top 5 Airports for Love”.  I thought, wow, people are meeting in the bars or on flights and falling in love. That’s cool!  But I was wrong!!


Well, I was kind of wrong.  You know I don’t travel that much, so the MUST be why I have not heard about this new dating phenomenon "meetAtTheAirport.com".

This is a dating site for people who travel a lot.  Brilliant,... I think!   It allows 2 people to fit dating into their busy schedules and meet at a safe public place!  Or is it?  Would you be able to go on a date in an airport?  Or have a date in between flights?  I don’t know, but it seems interesting enough to me to get your thoughts on it.

Here are your top 5 airports for love:

5 - Philadelphia International Airport

4 –Boston’s Logan

3 - New Jersey’s Newark International Airport

2 - Miami International Airport

1 –Orlando International Airport

The factors that went into determining the above top 5 are

1.Airport size – well clearly the bigger the airport the more flights offered and the more people coming in and out.

2 .Number of bars and restaurants – Of Course, you have to have places to meet..and drink!

3 .Weather. Because worse weather means longer delays, and longer delays means more time to get to know a potential mate.  You know the above airports are all known for delays!

So, what do you think?  This dating site is picking up popularity.  What do you think?  Would you?