On April 21 and 22, the Northeast’s most popular Country Line and Couples Dance instructors are sharing their love of dancing to Country Music at the annual Country Dance Fest at Saratoga Music Hall.

Meet Tony Marcantonio  

1. How did you get into Country Line Dancing?

I had gone to some lessons with my mom, but wasn’t sure if I really cared for it.  It was fun to be able to dance with a bunch of people of all ages.   I then met several friends and it was our “thing” to do.  Once I met my friend Brian, and went to a few Saturday night dances with Kevin Richards – I was hooked.

 2. What are your favorite Country dance songs?

There are a couple –  I enjoy most country music, especially the older artists. I like Redneck Girl by the Bellamy Brothers, Country Down To My Soul by Lee Roy Parnell, and Put Some Drive In Your Country by Travis Tritt.

3. Why should people try Country Line Dancing?

It is amazing how good dancing is for you. From the exercise you get to the social aspect.  Most of all it is fun; and you can learn and dance at your own pace.  There is no such thing as a beginner dancer either, once you come to a class, you are now a dancer, no longer a beginner!

4. How has Country Line Dancing changed your life?

I have met some of the most influential people in my life at dancing.  Almost all my friends are from my years of dancing and wiggling on the dance floor.  I am very blessed to have my dancers as my friends.   They are always there to help each other through rough times, and enjoy the fun of the good times.   Dancing is the one thing that lets me escape the real world for awhile while I dance, stomp, kick and boogie!    I also want to thank Kevin Richards for giving me a lot of help in the beginning, I appreciate it! 

5. Where is your favorite place in the world to go Country Line Dancing?

Anywhere where my friends are dancing is my favorite place.  I have been from New York, to Maine, to Las Vegas NV – and it is always fun to watch people dance and have fun.

Tony Marcantonio will join Country Dance Fest at Saratoga Music Hall (above City Hall) April 21 and 22.  For more information on Country Dance Fest 2012, click here.

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