What a class!  What a teacher!  What a great song from kids with a serious message to share - The world needs more tolerance!.

Here is the very catchy parody that these creative students came up with in very short order!  Thanks very much to Mrs. Ducharme and Mrs. Gilbert for having me in!  The backstory to follow below.

"Tolerance Song", By Mrs. Ducharme's 5th Graders 

Parody of "We Will Rock You" by Queen 

The backstory:  I excitedly entered the Harmony Hill School in Cohoes, NY  It's an institution I have frequented before some 5 years ago and had a fantastic experience then!  I was expecting a repeat performance, and they did not disappoint.

Mrs. Ducharme's 5th graders were ready to write. They decided to do a parody of the classic "We Will Rock You" by Queen.  What would the subject be?  Well, when I entered the building, I happened to see a sign on the wall.  It advertised the school's "Word Of The Day" - TOLERANCE.

photo by Richie Phillips

Perfect!  It's a good character trait to reinforce with kids, and the school is connected with the Academy For Character Education at the Sage Colleges, so it was a perfect fit

Brainstorming on the blackboard

photo by Richie Phillips
photo by Richie Phillips

The World's Most Tolerant Class!  Thanks for having me in once again and being part of my Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour.